Dirk Sikma
telephone: 06 3800 9786
e-mail: info@home-update.nl
address: Tennesseedreef 10D, 3565 CJ Utrecht
kvk: 30236367


Cabinets are unique to every customer. Some people want a cabinet and its contents to be prominently present, whereas others want their cabinet to be indistinct. Some people want an open cabinet, others want a cabinet with doors and drawers and some want a combination of both. Dirk Sikma loves to provide helpful input and will create a design in which all your wishes will be expressed.

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"Dirk Sikma made us a stylish cupboard and the result was surprising, but at the same time very natural. Shape, colour, materials and – not to forget – functionality: everything is right. "

"As soon as we came to live in this house, we knew that we wanted to create a space in the living room where we could do projects, something like a workstation that also included an entertainment center. We wanted something with a personal touch and atmosphere about it. The only question was: where to find such a workstation? In a roundabout way we came in contact with Dirk Sikma. He really made a fine work of art out of it."

"We used to have an open wardrobe, but that always looked very messy. We had a small area that just had a radiator, so it was sort of wasted space. Dirk Sikma made us a simple, custom made wardrobe and built it around the radiator so it all works together and the space is not wasted. It all looks tidy now and totally fits in with our interior."